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The research and teaching team of RCDE is in high-level which consists of professors, associate professors and lecturers. The team is able to train personnel in three levels: undergraduates, masters and doctors. It undertakes the courses both of postgraduates majored in distance education and undergraduates of educational technology specialized in distance education. Teachers in this team instruct the undergraduate graduation thesis and technological innovation projects, they are also responsible of the cultivation of postgraduates and the Ph.D. Up to now, more than one hundred masters and doctors have graduated from RCDE and there are about 20 postgraduates and Ph.D. students at present. The research center also provides job trainings in research and practice methods for cyber educational colleges and other research organizations in distance education.

说明: 说明: 陈丽_副本Li Chen, Doctor, Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor

Li Chen is the director of RCDE of Beijing Normal University, the Executive Director of Capital Institute for The Learning Society and the director of Interactive Media and Distance Learning Lab. Besides, she is the vice president of China Association for Information Technology Education in K12 and the director of Professional Committee for College Distance Education of Chinese Association for Educational Technology. She is also a member of editorial committee of an international journal, Educational Media and Technology.

Graduated from Beijing Normal University, she has gotten her bachelor’s degree of radio electronics, her master’s degree and doctor’s Degree of educational technology. After that, she has taken a refresher course in the Open University of UK and The Open University of Hong Kong.

Now, she teaches several classes. She is the instructor of “The Basis of Distance Education” for Undergraduates, “Professional Discussion about Distance Education” for master students and “The Theory and Practice of Modern Distance Education” for doctor students. One of the online classes that she led, “The Basis of Distance Education” was rated as a National Quality Courses in 2007. Besides, one of the books she has written, The Basis of Distance Education, is one of the "Eleventh Five-Year" national planning textbooks.

The main research areas of Professor Chen are the theory and practice of modern distance education and life-long education. She undertakes many projects, including research projects at national, provincial and ministerial levels, and subjects commissioned by enterprises. According to her researches, she has written more than 10 books and published more than 100papers. Some of her research results have won many academic awards, for example, the first prize of "First Haier Cup National Open and Distance Education" essay competition, the first prize of First National Seminar of the Theme Exploration about Network in K12 and Exhibition & Evaluation of Special Websites in education essay competition, the silver paper of the 18th Annual Meeting of Asian Association of Open Universities, the Best Paper Award of the 21st Annual Meeting of  Asian Association of Open Universities.

As a representative from China in many international programs, she is very active in the international distance education research and has built cooperative relationship with many international distance education institutions.

说明: 说明: 武法提老师1

Fati Wu, D.Sc. Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor

He was the chairman of department of educational technology, expert in the Resource Construction Committee of Rural Modern Distance Education Project of Ministry of Education and the Sino-US network language teaching project of International Department of the Ministry of Education and the chairman of program committee of the 12th GCCCE international academic conferences.

The main research areas of Professor Wu are computer assisted instruction, online education applications, digital learning environment and resources and intelligent teaching system

His major books include, Online Education Applications, Online Curriculum Design and Development ,Goal-oriented Online Curriculum Design, The Foreign Works about The Research and Development of Online Education, Online Teaching Strategies and so on. He has also published more than 30 papers in core journals.

Professor Wu has led many significant programs: 1. “The Theory and Practice of Goal-oriented Online Curriculum Design”, one of the "Tenth Five" projects of National Education Science.2."The performance Study of Online Tutor System", which is one of the "Eleventh Five" project of education and science in Beijing.3. "Applying Modern Distance Education Technology to Build Distributed Training System of Intellectual Property Rights", which is one of the "Ninth Five" projects of State Intellectual Property Office. 4.“Assessment criteria and flexibility research for online curriculum in the construction of three-dimensional teaching materials for self-study examination in higher education”.5. “The Design and Develop of Cheng Feng Intelligent Distance Learning System for Chinese”.

The large software systems he led to develop, which are being used now, includes Intelligent evaluation system of T&E, Intelligent distance learning system for Chinese of Cheng Feng, the Chinese EPSS system for Intellectual Property Training, the Intelligent learning management system of ILMS and online Distance Learning System for Chinese of Yi Jie.

说明: 张伟远照片_副本Weiyuan Zhang, Doctor, Part-time Professor, Part-time PH.D. Supervisor

He got bachelor and master degree of Education in East China Normal University. In 1996, he received his doctor degree from Department of Education in University of Edinburgh. In the same year,he worked for the Research Center of Comparative Education of University of Hong Kong as a postdoctor. In 1998, he went to the Open University of Hong Kong and worked for the Research Center of Distance and Adult Education as a researcher. Since 2006, he has been the deputy director of Research and Development Department of Professional Education School in University of Hong Kong. And now He is the chief researcher of this department, director of the Research Center of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning and Online Teaching Center in Professional Education School. He has published more than 200 academic articles and has won the Asian Association of Open Universities annual “Best Papers Award” of Asian Association of Open Universities and other international academic awards. He has also won “Principal Outstanding Achievement Award” of Open University of Hong Kong for many times. He has published Management and Learning Support of Modern Distance EducationResearch Methods of Distance Education and other more than 10 academic books and has served as the editorial board of many internal and international academic journals. And he has successively served as a part-time professor and a part-time PH.D. supervisor in Beijing Normal University, a consulting professor in East China Normal University and a visiting researcher in the University of Central Radio and TV.

说明: 冯晓英-头像Xiaoying Feng, Doctor, Associate Professor, Master Supervisor

Her research areas cover the basic theory of distance education, distance learning environment and resources, and curriculum integrated with information technology. She teaches the graduate course “Research Methods of Distance Education” and is the tutor of the online course “Research Methods of Distance Education” in Professional Education School of University of Hong Kong. Her current research interests are collaborative learning, scaffolding research, online tutoring for online course, development of professional training programs in online education and so on.

说明: zheng_副本

Qinhua Zheng, Doctor, Associate Professor, Master Supervisor

His research areas cover economics and management of distance education, lifelong learning and the theory and practice of learning society. He is now mainly engaged in researches on basic laws of economics in distance education, cost-benefit analysis of distance education, factors affecting the performance of distance learners, policy research of distance education, quality assurance system of distance education, and theory & practice of constructing a learning city, etc.


说明: 李爽_副本1_副本

Shuang Li, Doctor, Associate Professor, Master Supervisor

Her research interests include “student-centered” teaching promoted by ICT, web-based “peer coaching” teacher professional development, online learning communities based on Web 2.0, support services for distance learning, professional abilities for distance education and training of these abilities, as well as competency-based professional curriculum development.



说明: 陈青_副本

Qing Chen, PH.D. student, Lecturer

Her research interests involve theory & practice of instructional design and curriculum development of distance education, application of media technology in distance education, design and instructional application of open educational resources, theory and strategies of adult teaching and learning in distance education, characteristics of distance learners, etc.



说明: zhaohong_副本3Hong Zhao, Doctor, Lecturer

Her main research interest is online learning and cognitive development. Now she is doing some research about the characteristics of distance learners, setting models of distance learners’ characteristics, and designing & developing intelligent learning support tools based on the characteristics of distance learners.  



说明: 婧婧_副本3Jingjing Zhang, Doctor, Lecturer

She got her bachelor's degree on Computer and technology in Beijing Normal University. Then she went on learning in education department of Tokyo Gakugei University as an exchange student. She achieved her master’s degree on computer version in UCL of London University and doctor’s degree from Education Department of Oxford. Her research fields cover open education, learning theory, knowledge media, social network analysis, information visualization and e-research.


说明: yao_1Ziming Yao, PH.D. student, Lecturer

He undertakes teaching of “distance learning and modern communication technology” and “development of network program”. He participated in the annual report and inspection of distance education which was launched by Education Ministry in 2002 and 2003.His research interests is application of information technology in distance education which includes application of the new information technology in distance teaching, network technology and the management of distance education system, etc.


说明: 谢浩_副本Hao Xie, PH.D. student, Lecturer

He has worked in Beijing Normal University since he graduated from this university in 1999.he got his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree on educational economy and management, and his doctorate direction is distance education. His research interests include the management and policy of distance education, lifelong education and learning society. Now he is participating in projects such as construction plan of vocational education center of Chaoyang district, research on the index for lifelong education in city and diversity patterns of learning city . He is now teaching “the evaluation and management of distance education”, a selective course for the major of distance education.